Our Upcoming Speakers:

Dr. Christine Cole

Surgically Facilitated
Orthodontic Therapy (SFOT) – How to Create Bone

Dr. Richard Miron

Understanding Platelet Rich Fibrin:
From Biological Background To Clinical Indications

Renata Nehme

Myofunctional Therapy
For Pre And Post Tongue Tie Release.

What is the Airway Study Club?

Collaboration and Innovation for Enhanced Patient Outcomes: The Airway Study Club of Denver

Dr. Jim Bieneman
Founder of the Airway Study Club

The Airway Study Club is an organization dedicated to fostering growth and excellence among dental and medical professionals within the Denver community. At the Airway Study Club, our mission is to advance airway awareness among the dental and medical communities. By providing a platform for continuous education and the exchange of knowledge, the club empowers its members to enhance patient outcomes through the utilization of cutting-edge advancements in the fast evolving airway field. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and referral-based care, the Airway Study Club cultivates an environment where professionals can harness their collective expertise to deliver comprehensive and integrated treatments. Through its commitment to excellence and innovation, the club plays a vital role in advancing the standards of patient care and promoting interdisciplinary cooperation among healthcare providers.

Airway Study Club

Overall patient health is the goal of The Airway Study Club. Our mission is to build trust between providers. We value community over competition. Our experience has been that collaborating with one another gives us the best chance at finding cures for our patients.

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